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Cassie Wagstaff

Cassie has a figurine of the super hero Groot sitting on her desk at work. The figurine was a gift from her partner who enjoys the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.  According to the Marvel website Groot  is described as having “branched out of his comfort zone to help the Guardians of the Galaxy keep the people of the universe safe”.

It is fitting that Cassie has this figurine on her desk as she is the resident super hero of our Capalaba office and she actually shares some similar qualities with Groot. In 2013, after completing a Certificate II in Business Administration,  Cassie decided to branch out and start a career in the legal profession. Having now been the Legal Secretary at our Capalaba office for the past five years she is has a particular skill for making anyone that comes to our office feel safe and comfortable.

Cassie’s special skills and powers include her ability to provide strong administrative support, her organisational skills, her friendly manner and her dry sense of humour. Cassie is also a registered Justice of the Peace with the Department of Justice.

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