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Esther Ng

Esther loves to bake. She particularly loves to bake with chocolate and her specialties include rocky road, brownies and fudge. Most weeks, Esther brings a decadent creation to the office to share with the team, much to their delight.

As an avid baker Esther understands the importance of balancing preparation, planning and precision with creativity, innovation and intuition. Esther brings this same blend of qualities to her work as a family lawyer, as well as a high level of care and empathy which she believes is the most critical ingredient. Her clients and colleagues agree that this is a winning recipe.

Esther attended the Queensland University of Technology and she holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), a Bachelor of Justice and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. She is admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia and is also a member of the Queensland Law Society, the Family Law Practitioners Association and the Family Law Pathways Network.

Esther has a wide range of experience working on challenging family law and estate law matters, and some of her recent matters include:
* A complex parenting matter where one of the children had significant health conditions and mental health issues;
* A property and financial settlement matter involving a business and family trust that was being wound down; and
* An application for a divorce to proceed on an ex parte basis due to an extreme history of family violence.
Since her admission Esther has practiced exclusively in family law and estate law. She also speaks fluent Cantonese and intermediate Mandarin.

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