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Eustacia Yates

Eustacia is a coffee lover and like most people she enjoys a morning cup to kick start the day. Her choice is usually a double shot cappuccino. Her preferred “cup of joe” is in many ways similar to the way she practises family law. Her approach rests on a strong base of technical knowledge and depth of practical experience, much like the espresso shot that forms the base of any good cappuccino. She also adds warmth and comfort to all interactions with clients, topping it off with a sprinkling of good humour, similar to the steamed milk and foam that tops off the perfect cappuccino.

Eustacia’s extensive professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in political science, a Bachelor of Laws, a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and a Graduate Diploma of Divinity. She is a member of the Queensland Law Society, the Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland and a member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia. She is admitted to practice in the High Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of Queensland and the Supreme Court of Victoria.

In addition to the lengthy list of qualifications Eustacia also has a wealth of practical experience as a family lawyer. Since graduating in 2002 Eustacia has practiced almost exclusively in family law working in law firms across the globe in Brisbane, Melbourne and Washington DC.

Some examples of Eustacia’s recent matters include:

  • A complex domestic violence and parenting matter where one parent’s psychological diagnosis represented a risk of harm to the child
  • A high net worth property settlement involving issues of a significant post-separation windfall
  • A spousal support and property settlement matter where one spouse was retired and the other spouse was continuing to work

Eustacia has a real heart for community and for sharing her legal knowledge and experience with others. She is a seasoned presenter, having presented at a number of conferences and online webinars. She also shares her skills by volunteering at the Caxton Legal Service.

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