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Keith Sun

After finishing his secondary schooling Keith was faced with a difficult choice, to study medicine and become a doctor or to study law and become a lawyer. Keith initially started down the pathway of medicine – he completed a two year period of national service with the Singapore Civil Defence Force as a Medic. However his love for the law won out. Keith will share with you that one of the reasons he ended up choosing to become a lawyer was because he grew up watching his Father enjoy his career as a lawyer, and then a Judge, and he felt inspired to follow the same path.

When you meet Keith you will be impressed by his intellect and technical knowledge of the law but also his caring and supportive manner which no doubt comes from his previous medical training. Keith strong knowledge of the law stems from his study of a Bachelor of Laws through the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Queensland University of Technology. He is admitted to practice in the High Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Queensland and has specialised in family law and estate law since his admission.

Keith has resolved many difficult and challenging legal matters since being admitted as lawyer, some examples include:

  • Having a handwritten testamentary intention on the back of a receipt recognised as a formal Will;
  • A challenging parenting matter where two young children needed to be placed in the care of their grandmother
  • A complex parenting matter involving parental alienation and property settlement matters involving an ongoing business.

Keith has a gift for languages and is multi-lingual. In addition to English Keith also speaks Mandarin and Teochew.

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