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Tabitha Gulley

Tabitha quite often has a musical soundtrack playing in the background while she is working. As well as listening to music she also likes to create her own music and sing.

Tabitha understands that the practice of family law shares many characteristics with a moving piece of music. In family law there are high notes and low notes and the rhythm can change from fast to slow at different points, just like in a musical composition. Due to her unique experience and skill Tabitha is able to listen to the nuances of each family law situation and understand and anticipate the flow. She has recently completed all her studies for her law degree and is also almost finished her creative arts degree. In 2022 she will be completing her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice through the College of Law and will then be eligible to be admitted as a Lawyer.

Tabitha has significant experience working in family law, having worked in the area since 2018.

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