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New Way Lawyers enters the Shark Tank

New Way Lawyers Capalaba were invited to attend the Shark Tank Dinner 2.0 held at the Redlands RSL, Cleveland by the Office of Andrew Laming MP. Together with 14 other non profit organisations, CEO Carolyn had 2.5 minutes to share about New Way Lawyers to attendees from various business and community groups and pitch for funding for furniture and equipment at our new Capalaba office.  At the start of 2016 New Way Lawyers relocated its office in Capalaba due to increased demand for services.  The new office will mean that legal assistance can be provided to twice as many people compared to last year.


“Over the past four years New Way Lawyers Capalaba office has helped over 550 individuals who have been involved in difficult and emotional legal situations such as separation, divorce or the passing of a loved one.

Each of these 550 individuals have a painful and difficult story to share:

From the distraught parent who wants to spend time with their children after not seeing them for over a year;

To the spouse who needs access to funds after leaving the family home and everything they own due to family violence;

Then there is the grieving partner left to deal with the complex financial affairs arising from their loved one passing away without a will;

And the grandparent who is stepping up to care for their grandchild because they are living in an unsafe and dangerous environment.

There are so many more stories that I could share with you tonight and I am sure that each of you probably also have stories about family members, friends or work colleagues who have been through similar situations.

Although the stories that I have shared with you are unique there is one common theme. Each of these people came to New Way Lawyers because they weren’t eligible for government funded Legal Services, like Legal Aid, but on the other hand they couldn’t access legal services from a normal law firm because the fees were too expensive. 

As a non profit law firm New Way Lawyers represents the middle ground between government funded legal services and normal law firms. New Way Lawyers doesn’t provide free services but the fees charged for services are not as expensive as those charged by normal law firms. New Way Lawyers fees are more affordable because the purpose of the fees is simply to cover costs not to generate profit. The reality is that by operating as a non profit law firm New Way Lawyers fees are about 1/3 to ½ less than the fees charged by normal law firms.”

The Capalaba team enjoyed a lovely night sharing about our vision and learning about the great non profit organisations supporting the Bayside community.



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