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Why write a Will?

If you are personally facing injury, illness or a terminal condition, or if you simply want to ensure your affairs are in order we can give you peace of mind by ensuring you have a comprehensive estate plan in place.

In addition to giving you piece of mind there are a number of other benefits that flow from having a valid and clear Will in place:

  • Ensuring that your estate will be dealt with in accordance with your wishes; and
  • That your family will be provided for as you have planned;
  • Make the estate administration process simpler and quicker.

What are the important aspects of a Will?

It is important to get legal advice when preparing a Will – whether it be your first Will or to update an old Will if your circumstances have changed. Our friendly and efficient estate law team can assist you with ensuring that all of the important legal aspects are taken care of, including that:

  • The Will is legally valid and replaces any existing Will;
  • The Will is clear and specifies to a satisfactory extent the particular assets and where you wish for them to be distributed; and
  • Naming guardians of any minor children;
  • Naming an executor who you trust to administer your estate.

Other Estate Planning documents

As well as assisting with preparing a valid Will our friendly lawyers can help you with preparing:

  • An Enduring Power of Attorney;
  • Advance Health Care Directives; and
  • Binding Death Benefit Nominations. (See our page on Superannuation Claims for more details).

See also our page on Probate and Letters of Administration

Home Visits Available

We understand that in some circumstances it can be difficult for you to reach us. To make
the process easier for you, we do offer the option of making a house call to your home,
nursing home or hospital. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your options.


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