After separation, children often want to understand what is happening and want their thoughts to be heard and their feelings acknowledged and considered.

There are various ways that this can occur and the challenge for parents, counsellors, mediators, lawyers and the Courts is to find the best approach, depending on the circumstances of the separation and the family situation.

In this episode we hear from 14-year-old Grace, who is struggling following her parents’ separation. She is frustrated and upset and desperate to have someone listen and hear her views.

About the podcast host & guests

Host Carolyn Devries, CEO of New Way Lawyers and member of the Greater Brisbane Family Law Pathways Network holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Masters in the management of non profit organisations, along with many other qualifications. She has worked with families in the legal and community sectors for over 20 years and is a former Telstra Business Women’s Award Winner.   

Judge Spelleken brings a wealth of expertise to the discussion having practised as a family law practitioner for many years before being appointed to the Federal Circuit Court in 2006. 

Norma Williams, is the Manager of Family Law Services in Logan Region with Uniting Care. She has over 30 years’ experience working with families with complex needs. She has also published many research articles incorporating the theme of the voice of the child in family law and dispute resolution processes

Eustacia Yates is a Managing Lawyer with New Way Lawyers, Australia’s first non-profit law firm. Eustacia practices exclusively in family law and is experienced in resolving complex parenting and property matters.She is a regular presenter and speaker at events and conferences.

Rachel Brace from RelationSpace, is a registered psychologist and supports families experiencing separation, divorce and family conflict. Rachelhas over 20 years working with young people and their families and is the author of children’s’ books about separation and divorce.