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Pathways through the System – Navigating Australian Family law

New Way Lawyers, Greater Brisbane Family Law Pathways Network and Relationships Australia have partnered to bring you the podcast ‘Pathways through the System‘.

A legal system intended to resolve disagreements arising from family breakdown is fraught with problems and challenges and frequently provides unsatisfactory outcomes for participants. However, when professionals work together to provide an integrated response, better solutions are possible.  

Who is it for?

If you are separated or if you work with separating families or have an interest in developing a better understanding of how to navigate the family law system, this podcast is for you.v

How is the podcast structured?

In each of our episodes, you will hear a true to life experience, typical of an individual seeking to access guidance and support for their challenging circumstances. Then, a panel of experienced experts will endeavour to provide an integrated response to the case study.  

Who is the host and guests?

Hosted by award winning lawyer Carolyn Devries, of New Way Lawyers, and with its unique dramatized case studies and prestigious line up of experts from the family services sector -this podcast will become your go to for education, information and updates. For professionals, it is also a great way to boost your professional development points.

Listen to the Episodes

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Episode 1 – Feeling unheard: Considering the Wishes of Children in Family Separations

CLICK HERE to listen to episode 1 and view the show notes.

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