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Defence posting relocations, separation and child custody arrangements

Posting relocations are difficult for Australian Defence families at the best of times, but even more so when the mov......

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Partner Support when separating from an Australian Defence Force Member

If you are separating from an Australian Defence Force (ADF) member there are avenues of support available from Defen......

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parenting arrangements parenting plans special occassions birthday mother daughter

Parenting Arrangements After Separation 

Following separation there are four approaches that parents can take when setting up future parenting arrangements fo......

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FAQs: Merger of Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia 

The Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia have merged. Let’s navigate the family law c......

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Tips for getting your mental health back on track post separation

Going through a separation is never going to be a walk in the park, but sadly, with everyone in the process of trying......

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What happens when you’re not happy with a family law mediation agreement?

Family Mediation is a cost effective and emotionally supportive process that assists separating couples reach amicabl......

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Things to consider in a parenting arrangement after separation

There are several topics that should be included in any post separation parenting arrangement, regardless of whether ......

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Family Law and Family Pets 

Whether they’re furry, feathery or otherwise, pets provide fun, joy and companionship for the whole family. But what ......

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Embracing and dealing with change after separation and divorce

  What’s normal to feel during a significant life change like separation/divorce? Separation or divorce c......

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When will the Court vary final parenting orders? (Rice v Asplund test)

The Court will vary final parenting orders only in limited situations, where there has been a significant change in c......

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types of hearing dates family law directions mentions

Interim hearing versus final hearing in family law

So you have progressed your matter past the first court appearance and you are told that you have to attend an Interi......

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What is a Direction Hearing / Mention?

When you first start navigating the family law system, it can feel like trying to navigate a map in another language.......

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What is a family report in family law?

 When parties are unable to reach an agreement about the care arrangements for the children a family report may be wr......

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What is the role of an independent children’s lawyer?

At the heart of family law policy is that the children’s best interests are protected in any parental dispute. One wa......

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How is Spousal Maintenance determined?

What is spousal maintenance in Australia? When a marriage or de facto relationship breaks down, it may be that one p......

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Tips for self representing at Court in domestic violence matters

While there is no specific dress code the Court requires visitors to recognise that it is a formal place and individu......

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Family Law Property Terminology 102 – The Basics

In our previous blog ‘ Family Law Parenting Terminology 101 – The Basics’ we shared that learning about family law pa......

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How to choose the right family lawyer

Selecting the right family lawyer can make a huge difference to your experience of the challenging times ahead. We k......

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Changes to Our JP Service

Over the past 8 years our Capalaba office has really enjoyed providing our Justice of the Peace Service in partnershi......

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Practical tips to empower you after a separation

‘When will this get better?’ you may ask yourself just after a separation. It’s often a time of feeling overwhelmed. ......

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