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I could not have gotten through this year without New Way Lawyers. After one consultation with Ryan I knew that he and the staff there know everything there is to know about family law. I highly recommend them. 

They have supported me and helped me put things in place so that I can be the best version of myself and the best mum I can be.

RB, April 2020

I very much appreciate the work that New Way did. Your firm was such a blessing to me at a really difficult time!

MT, March 2020

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. I really, really appreciate your help and work and support. Thank you for being such lovely people, for caring and for your prayers and kindness. You made that hard and horrible part of my life less scary! I feel so good now being out of that house and being able to operate on my own – thanks to you!

All the very best to you both as you continue doing your wonderful and clever work of helping people.

HR, March 2020

Thank you all so much for your continued guidance and support. We couldn’t recommend your firm or yourselves as people enough.

MT, December 2019

Can I just say, you are absolutely the best lawyers I have ever known .. and I know a lot through my business. Your offering of support is above and beyond. So very proud to be working with you.

LG, November 2019

Thank you Jennifer and the team for all your help and concern over the past eight months. Thank you so much.

MS, October 2019

Thank you so much Andrew and Esther for your support and work at mediation the other day, and all the other work around it. I’m really happy with what was achieved and I think you did really well to get that last bit sorted out the way you did. I am so excited that this is all nearly over.

HR, October 2019