Molly Jayan

Molly is a secret foodie. Despite having a stash of LCM bars in her drawer to keep her going through the workday, she has a gift for knowing where to find the best dishes for almost every type of cuisine. She can recommend exceptional dishes for all palettes, from the budget conscious through to the higher end.

Molly’s approach to helping clients with their family law matters shares a lot of similarities with her approach as a closet foodie. She knows how to bring the best service offering to her clients, sourcing and tailoring an offering that is what they are looking for and within their budget.

Molly is a bit like a ‘Michelin star restaurant’ in the family law field. She has all the qualifications and experience that make her a respected and admired practitioner by both clients and colleagues alike. Molly holds a Bachelor of Laws and is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia. She was also previously admitted as a lawyer and barrister to the Malaysian Bar, prior to moving to Australia. Molly skills are further enhanced by her national mediation accreditation through the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators and completion of the Parenting Coordinators Course. Molly’s previous international experience, combined with her ability to speak Malay, Bahasa, Indonesian and some Cantonese, and her inherent cultural sensitivity, further strengthen her qualifications.

Molly’s background and experience means that she regularly works on very complex family law matters. Some of the matters Molly has successfully resolved include:

  • A complex property settlement matter where one of the parties had numerous international companies, trusts and self managed super funds;
  • A property settlement matter where assets owned by a third party were included as part of the net property pool available for division between the spouses;
  • A parenting matter where a child had special needs and one parent was better placed to be primary carer due to those special needs.

By nature, Molly is caring and empathetic. She builds a strong rapport with her clients and understands the stress and difficulty associated with separation. Molly believes that resolution should be encouraged through negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution, however when this isn’t possible, Molly is tenacious and leads her clients through the family court process, in the most cost effective and timely manner possible.