Molly Jayan

Molly practised as a barrister & solicitor in Malaysia since 2000 and is a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS) with the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators. In 2003, Molly established her chambers in Kuala Lumpur and her practise predominantly consisted of family law matters. Throughout this duration, she has appeared in all tiers of the Malaysian Court system, as a barrister. Molly’s understanding of different and diverse cultures within the family law system is further enhanced through her experience of practising in a jurisdiction where there are two distinct and diverse family law systems, namely Civil and Sharia. While practising in Malaysia, Molly was involved in cases which involved international cross jurisdictional family law issues.Molly’s practice consists of all areas of family law; including separation and divorce, property settlements and parenting arrangements. Molly also assists in wills and estate matters, including estate litigation, Probate, Administration of Estates and Challenges to Wills. By nature an empathetic and affable person, Molly builds a natural rapport with the clients and understands that it is an extremely stressful and difficult time for individuals going through this process. Molly believes that resolution should be encouraged through negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution, however where not possible, Molly is tenacious and leads her clients through a swift and prompt resolution of litigation, ensuring that they are able to continue with the next stage of their lives, as quickly as possible whilst maintaining their dignity and self-respect. Outside hours, Molly is passionate about health, fitness and nutrition, and is constantly promoting the invaluable mental, emotional and physical benefits that effective training and wholesome nutrition provides. Molly is a qualified Les Mills instructor and an avid Crossfitter. Molly also speaks Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and some Cantonese.