Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a non-profit organisation why do you charge for services?

Although we are a non-profit organisation we do not receive grants or funding from the government. We do receive a small amount of donations from organisations and individuals that support our vision and mission however these donations do not fully cover our operating costs. As we are unable to fully cover our costs through funding, grants or donations our costs are passed on to our clients. While our services are not free they are affordable. As a non-profit law firm the cost that we pass on to our clients is the actual cost of providing the service. There is no additional revenue or profit component built into our costs.

How is New Way Lawyers different to other Law Firms?

In some ways New Way Lawyers is no different to other law firms. Like other law firms New Way Lawyers provides high quality legal services and is required to comply with the professional standards imposed by legislation, such as the Legal Profession Act 2007. However there is one major difference between New Way Lawyers and other law firms. New Way Lawyers operates on a non-profit basis while other law firms operate on a commercial basis. Operating as a non-profit organisation allows us to focus on people rather than profit.

How is New Way Lawyers different to Legal Aid?

New Way Lawyers has no association with Legal Aid. One notable difference between Legal Aid and New Way Lawyers is that Legal Aid has a means test to determine eligibility for services whereas New Way Lawyers does not have a means test. New Way Lawyers provides affordable legal services to all individuals.

Does New Way Lawyers accept Legal Aid Cases?

New Way Lawyers is not a Legal Aid Preferred Supplier and is therefore unable to accept Legal Aid Cases.